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    Content Marketing with Pressroom

    Looking for high quality content marketing for your site? Pressroom has your back.

    Is a poor web content strategy preventing your business from realising its potential? Maybe you would like your site to become an authoritative source of news and information in your industry, but you don’t have the time to research and craft the right content yourself. Perhaps you just want to bring in more business from your website. If so, Pressroom could be just what the doctor ordered.

    At Pressroom, we understand the value of content marketing, social media, and the important role that website content plays in it. The success of your business is the centrepiece of any content strategy, and the form that it takes can raise your profile way above that of the competition.

    Our approach to content marketing

    Lots of companies spend money solely on increasing their search engine rankings, only to be disappointed when they receive a poor return on their SEO investment. Rankings are important, but only if they are transformed into sales - after all, what's the point of being first in Google's search results if it doesn't bring customers flocking to you? With Pressroom, the website content that our experienced writers and editors can create for you can help you achieve both rankings and sales by getting your brand out there, in the right way.

    A business has to be agile, and a content marketing strategy that responds to what users are searching for is part of this. This is our speciality - rather than churn out the same old, tired content, Pressroom helps you identify trends in your industry and capitalise on them swiftly.

    You will benefit from:

    Our huge team of professional writers, and journalist-trained editors who will make sure that news and feature articles are of the highest quality.

    Our team of in-house designers for crafting infographics and video content as part of your content marketing strategy

    Rather than blind you with buzzwords in your Pressroom reports, we keep them jargon free. We're also crystal clear and put you in the driving seat when it comes to the type of website content you want.

    OK, I'm interested in content marketing. What happens next?

    First, we will discuss and agree with you what Pressroom package is right for you. See our How it Works page for detail on how you can exchange your monthly Pressroom Points allowance for news pieces, features articles, infographics and even video.

    You may already have an Online Marketing company in place, or you may be interested in seeing how your company compares. We can take a thorough look at your website to identify any SEO issues that need to be addressed, to ensure nothing should hinder the performance of the fresh, unique content we will deliver through Pressroom.

    Following this, we'll meet with you to formulate a content strategy which features the right tone of voice for your company, how you wish to allocate your Pressroom Points for the first month or two, and any keywords you may want to target.

    Next, we will install Pressroom onto your website, ensuring that its theme matches your corporate image. Your social media profiles will be integrated into Pressroom, and we will add new pages to your website that focus on any agreed areas. Finally, your brand new content begins feeding through to your website. We do all of the heavy lifting, so it couldn't be simpler for you!

    Why Pressroom?

      When you sign up for Pressroom, you'll benefit from a package that is supremely flexible. You're able to choose exactly what form your content marketing takes, amend your brief at any time and purchase an upgrade to your package whenever it's best for you. What's more, all of the content you receive, along with the followers you gain through social media, are yours to keep.

      At Pressroom, we want to see your website achieve its full potential and our clients, who as far afield as Australia, Canada and America, have benefited from this. Have a look through our website for more information about Pressroom, and call us on 0345 621 4321 for an informal, no-obligation chat about how we can help you.