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Aim high with content writing

The secret to success with content marketing is to keep stretching yourself and to constantly challenge your marketing goals. You need to aim high with the quality of your content and reach wide to connect to as many people in your target market as possible.

Go multilingual

When pushing the boundaries of your marketing strategy, consider including multilingual content to open up your reach to include global markets. By opting to produce high quality content in the ten most widely spoken languages, you can open the door to the majority of internet users across the globe.

Take time to understand which global markets would make the biggest impact on your business. China and Russia have been highlighted as strategic global markets to target moving forward, but there may be other international regions that are more relevant to your business goals. Produce high quality content in English that could also be easily translated to international audiences. Don’t be tempted to use automated translation as this will only undermine your brand globally. Opt for excellent content written in the local language to amplify your company’s reach.

Get out of your comfort zone

Don’t get comfy with your content skills. Ensure that you challenge yourself to master a new skill on a regular basis. As a content marketer, pushing your knowledge boundaries will ensure your ongoing success. A well-rounded content writer should aim to develop competency in coding, analytics, and design. You should also aim to build a sound understanding of content tools, including marketing automation.

Understanding the constantly adapting technology in this industry is critical to staying ahead of the competition. Getting that all important distribution and reaching high in the rankings requires clever application of the necessary tools and technology.

With a content marketing strategy you simply can’t afford to get comfortable sticking to the same old format. You must challenge your strategies and push your old capabilities to reach your goals.

Steven Morris

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