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Apple unveils new iOS

Graeme Parton

With most tech-based news feeds focusing on the one-sided console war sparked by last week’s E3 event, Apple’s latest announcement has gone a little under the radar. Last week, however, the Californian firm revealed the latest version of its all-encompassing operating system, iOS 7.

With a completely overhauled layout, fresh colour schemes and increased image depth, the new software has been described by Apple as its most significant operating system renovation since the first iPhone was unveiled six years ago. Few experts have been shocked by the drastic nature of the changes, however, given that iOS 7 is the first to be overseen by Apple’s design expert Sir Jony Ive. While Ive was already involved in much of the company’s hardware design work, he took the reins with software as well after Scott Forstall left his position in October last year.

The release is being seen by many as Apple’s latest attempt to re-establish its dominance in the smartphone market. While its iPad and iPhone platforms are still big money-makers, Apple is losing some of its market share as manufacturers like Samsung and HTC continue to introduce hugely popular Android handsets to the market. As well as increasing competition, the passing of co-founder Steve Jobs has had an impact on profits, with his successors struggling to come up with similarly innovative products. It is hoped that Ive’s appointment will spark a change, however.

As well as being a consistently hot topic for debate, the Android and iOS divide has a big effect on the release and success of mobile apps and the ways in which consumers access online content. Without one clear winner in the popularity race, developers and site owners are forced to either choose which platform to focus on or spend extra time and money on reaching both.

One change which will positively affect the way content is consumed, however, is the new way in which Apple’s virtual personal assistant feature, Siri, is directly integrated with popular search engine Bing.

Graeme has experience creating content for online sources and for the radio, and at university he studied Multimedia Journalism.

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