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Armenians told to create content for their country

Everyone living in Armenia has been asked to write an article on Wikipedia, according to the BBC.

The story reports that Armenians are being urged to post something on the popular online encyclopaedia to improve the country’s image. A national campaign has  been launched to encourage people to sign up to the plan, with the ‘One Armenian, One Article’ drive having a clear mission.

It wants to improve on both the quantity and the quality of articles in the Armenian language that are on Wikipedia. At the same time, it is a response to the recent mass media coverage of the lack of good-quality and informative articles about Armenia and its culture that exist on the site.

The campaign began in March, when there were less than 84,000 pieces.

In comparison, local media outlets were reporting, bordering neighbours such as Azerbaijan and Georgia had 102,000 and 84,000 pieces in their language on the site respectively.

The action seems to have had a remarkable effect so far.

At the time that the BBC report went online, there were a reported 390,000 Armenian language articles being hosted. As well as ordinary citizens scribing their work, politicians, celebrities, artists, and musicians have all joined in.

With the stated mission of the initiative being to lift the profile of the country as a whole, as well as improve the quality of what is being delivered by and for those speaking the Armenian language, in essence the campaign is a grand content creating strategy.

The initiative started, as so many do these days, on YouTube, with the original clip having since gone viral. With the Armenian diaspora totalling eight million people globally, alongside the three million who reside in the country itself, this could help to fuel the content creation campaign further to produce a pretty decent return.

Steven Morris

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