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Optimising your social media content

It’s an issue many of us have, making sure that the content on our social media accounts stays up-to-date and relevant while retaining its impact.

Naturally, it’s understandable to take the logic that your posts must be optimised. However, the issue is, with so many different social media sites, how  (more…)

Converting social media marketing in to sales – some quick tips

Engaging with the world of social media can be many things to many people; it can be good fun, and it can help business owners makeĀ  (more…)

Facebook boss set to offer company shares

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced his intention to sell company shares worth more than  (more…)

Facebook introduces auto-playing video adverts

Social media giant Facebook has started to roll out its new video advertising content, with a new series of  (more…)

Twitter story to be told on television screens

A book which details the birth of social media platform Twitter will be turned into a (more…)

Irish firms embracing social media, according to report

Figures released recently by the Central Statistics Office have shown that businesses in Ireland are among the European Union’s biggest users of  (more…)

NewsCorp acquires Irish social news firm

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, NewsCorp, has purchased a Dublin-based “social news agency” in a deal thought to be worth around  (more…)

Twitter storm chef given new job

A chef who caused something of a storm on Twitter last week after being sacked from a pub in Oxfordshire has found  (more…)

LG to release first Google Chrome desktop computer

South Korean tech giant LG has unveiled the first desktop PC to use Google’s  (more…)

Google allows Glass users to take photos by winking

Those who are lucky enough to own Google’s Glass device could soon find themselves on the receiving end of even stranger looks, after the company released an update which enables users to  (more…)

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