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Balancing engaging B2B content with SEO

Writing content for some business-to-business (B2B) markets can be a difficult job.

You may need to describe the benefits of a complex  software package or an intricate industrial process whilst trying to engage your audience. Once you throw SEO into the mix, it can get even tougher. Here are some tips for getting it right:

Keep things generic

Always stick to generic terms when writing content. Rather than searching for brand names, B2B professionals will often use generic search phrases instead. You can still include brand names that are exclusive to your company, as this will lead searchers directly to your site, but weave in the generic terms as well.

Stick to your topic

Search engines will try to ascertain the content topic, so don’t lose track as this will confuse matters. Ensure that your keywords and topics are focused and unified. If there are several topics, split them up onto separate pages. Avoid using one page with multiple unconnected keywords.

Identifying long tail phrases

When writing about a topic for a webpage, think carefully about the possible long tail search terms that your audience may use. When searching for information about a problem, searchers can use a wide array of terms, so ensure that you include these in your content.

Don’t skimp on copy

In the B2B arena, you can afford to write more content. You can describe the features and benefits of your products or services, plus highlight unique sales points (USPs). Creating longer pieces of content will also give search engines the chance to identify the topic focus and assess its value to searchers. However, always use headers with your keywords to break up a large piece of writing into digestible sections.

Content writing for B2B audiences can pose some challenges. Weighing engaging content with a good keyword balance can be something of an art-form, but by keeping focused on your topic you’ll be sure to please both prospects and the search engines.

Steven Morris

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