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British motoring company to boost awareness using YouTube

Graeme Parton

UK-based motorsport giant McLaren has formed a new partnership with video-sharing site YouTube. The firm is hoping to improve fan engagement while  promoting its numerous achievements.

The McLaren Group, which is the parent company of the McLaren Formula One racing team, already has an impressive presence on Google’s visual content outlet. Its current output includes a cartoon series called ‘Tooned’, which is broadcast online during every Grand Prix weekend. It also airs extensive coverage on the recently-launched Sky Sports F1 channel, where it offers exclusive interviews with drivers and corporate clips showcasing the company’s history and the technology it uses.

Speaking about the opportunities to increase revenue, Martin Whitmarsh, the Group’s CEO, said:

“Being able to gain revenue from our content will also enable us to invest more in future videos, which will be good for our brand, good for our partners and good for our fans.”

Expanding on the thinking behind the new deal, McLaren’s brand director, John Allert, said:

“At McLaren we have great stories to tell. Whether it’s the passion and intrigue of Formula One, or how we develop ground breaking new technologies, people are fascinated by what we do. Our exciting new partnership with YouTube will enable people to get closer than ever to our drivers, our brand and our business.”

Allert went on to say that fans should expect to be on the receiving end of some exciting content over the next few years.

As well as benefiting the automotive company, the deal is expected to provide a boost for YouTube as it looks to continue its development in spite of a growing field of competitors. With BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Hulu all offering users exclusive, unique video content, it’s fair to say that YouTube’s position at the head of all things video isn’t quite as sturdy as it once was. There’s little doubt, however, that fresh and innovative content – courtesy of big-budget professional crews – can only help the situation.

Graeme has experience creating content for online sources and for the radio, and at university he studied Multimedia Journalism.

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