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Budweiser’s parent launches new digital marketing campaign

Anheuser-Busch, the makers of popular American beer Budweiser, has launched a new digital marketing campaign in its home country, which some have suggested is a bit odd.

The firm is essentially promoting beer drinking, but all beers, no matter the brewer.

Some commentators have noted that  the campaign is strange for effectively selling all products, including competitors’, but in doing so the firm will hope to see its own sales rise. As such, some, including Forbes, believe that this may not be too much of an issue after all, adding that it was a good campaign too, leading with the bold slogan:

“Let’s Grab A Beer”

However, with the UK’s Drink Responsibly campaign, the initiative may not travel too well across the Atlantic.

The campaign’s website is, perhaps unsurprisingly, dedicated to extolling the virtues of beer, with quality content provided to inform and entertain consumers. Beer lovers may enjoy the way that it celebrates the alcoholic beverage, from its history to a host of fun and surprising facts.

According to Forbes, the site is a fun place to spend a bit of time on, with it being well designed and easy to scroll. In fact, the news provider went on to describe the site as being akin to a “user’s manual for beer newbies”, showing that it was targeting its audience effectively.

The site itself is also tailor made to make it easy to share content with others, which, as any digital marketer will know, is vital for success. So is engaging, interesting and relevant content of course.

The general idea appears to be that if the campaign works positively for other beer brands too, then there really is no problem. After all, what is good for an industry tends to be good for its constituent companies as well.

Steven Morris

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