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Build great SEO with wonderful content

Content quality is high on the list of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) success factors. If you develop your content strategy well, you will have robust foundations upon which to build your SEO.

It’s all about quality

Ask yourself whether the content you produce offers outstanding value or is it simply brochure content that your audience could find anywhere else on the web. Have you created content that compels people to stay on your site longer than a matter of seconds? Is your content offering real substance to your target market? Is it useful, relevant and original?

You simply cannot afford to wing it when it comes to content. If your content strategy is shaky, then your SEO will soon fall tumbling down around your ears.

Research, research, research

Whether you’re looking for new ideas for content or identifying relevant keywords, investing time into research is the next important step in building a strong SEO strategy. There are several tools online that can help you to find keywords and create unique content.

Your content should incorporate these keywords and the most relevant search terms, so that you can be sure it provides the perfect answer to your target market’s queries. For instance, a web page about “preventing Melanoma” could be extremely well written and useful to the reader, although heavy in medical jargon. However, if the target audience are using the term “avoiding skin cancer”, the page may fall short in the rankings. Taking time to research keywords and search terms will ensure that your content uses the appropriate language for your audience.

Once you know which words are used by your target audience to search for your content, it can be worthwhile revisiting existing material to ensure that it’s fit for purpose. It’s common sense – if you need your web pages to rank for certain keywords then you need to start using them in your content.

Remember to never skimp on content quality for the best SEO results.

Steven Morris

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