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Businesses turn to custom content to fill traditional void

Graeme Parton

The results of a recent report have suggested the number of people shunning traditional news sources in favour of using brand and subject-specific websites for more relevant content is on the rise.

The U.S. report, titled State of the News Media 2013, was carried out as part of the Project for Excellence in Journalism at the Pew Research Center. It found that 31% of American adults have stopped using traditional news outlets because they struggle to find the content they’re looking for. Another 23.5% have stopped as a result of a drop in the number of articles being produced.

In the UK, consumers are beginning to feel the effect of a rise in the popularity of paywalls among the online versions of major newspapers. Although The Times is the only current example, The Sun is set to follow suit within the next six months. This has also led to internet users turning to other sources to find relevant news at no charge.

Many business owners are realising the benefits that come with a newly emerging news-hungry audience. Content marketing involves these brands using relevant, original news stories, features and blogs to attract the attention of potential customers. The brand can then maintain this attention with regular updates.

This type of marketing fits in well with Google’s recent Penguin updates, which have seen the search giant increasing its preference of sites which utilise honest, user-focused techniques to appeal to consumers.

The study from Pew Research also pointed to the fact that many content marketing agencies will have trained journalists on hand to ensure their clients, and the clients’ target audience members, benefit from high quality, useful content on a regular basis. This is why many business owners choose to outsource the task of content creation to a reputable firm.

Graeme has experience creating content for online sources and for the radio, and at university he studied Multimedia Journalism.

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