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Can robots write web content?

John Murray

Artificial Intelligence software is being used to edit and create content. The results that the software produces are not as good as human writers and editors.

Wikipedia has created software that is designed to find poor quality editing in its vast internet encyclopaedia. It does not fact check articles, but checks the linguist style for errors.

There is software similar software like Grammarly and Ginger that edits text for grammar and stylistic errors. If you are creating web content, then writing enhancement software can be useful to initially edit text, but the software is not as good as a professional human editor.

Other software such as WordAi and Spinner Chief rewrite articles so that similar content can be uploaded to more than one site without being flagged as duplicate content by Google. They claim that the artificial intelligence built into their software produces quality rewritten content but the results are not as good as human writers.

Automated Insights promises to write articles for you. A company uploads a spreadsheet and the Automated Insights software interprets the figures as a story. For example Automated Insights looks at a sales spreadsheet and creates a sales report article. A spreadsheet of airline delays is used to write a story about the state of delays in the airline industry. Automated Insights is in beta development, so it is too soon to judge the quality of its content creation. It may have value in creating rough articles that need extensive human editing.

Many businesses have content marketing budgets to spend on expert content creation professionals like ours here at Pressroom. Though AI may have a minor role to play in creating content, the state of AI technology is not at the level where you can ask robots to write quality web content for you.

John is every inch the wordsmith and loves a game of Scrabble above all else. With experience writing for newspapers, John’s time at university was spent studying Creative Writing – something which comes across in his love of the pun.

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