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Is content marketing worth it for very small businesses?

Large companies have the resources and finance to create great online content and have the budget to promote content. Can small businesses with just two or ten workers, or even sole traders, make content marketing work? The answer is yes, but only if you follow two simple guidelines. (more…)

The impact of fake news on content marketing

Many people now use Facebook as their prime source of news. It transpires that sometimes Facebook, perhaps unknowingly, circulates false news and as a result has (more…)

The five key ingredients for a successful content marketing campaign

Successful content marketing campaigns are the result of careful planning, and there are five main ingredients to it: (more…)

How can you write content that people really want to read?

There are two main areas where online content is read: on a company website and social media. Before creating content, it is helpful to know what (more…)

Six common content marketing mistakes

A key to understanding how to create great web content is knowing what to avoid. Here are six mistakes that content writers frequently make: (more…)

Content marketing is more than just text

Many content marketing strategies focus on text-based content, but other forms of content should be considered if a business wants to stand out in a competitive and (more…)

The five keys to global content marketing

Companies that operate internationally need to create a global content marketing strategy. When this is the case, there are (more…)

Make use of personalised content

Personalised web content marketing makes money. You only have to visit the Amazon website to see this in action for yourself. Almost all the content you see will be unique because it is personalised for you. Amazon has a detailed record of your purchases, browsing history and your wish list. It uses this data to display personalised content.

Amazon suggests (more…)

How to write great web content

A content marketing strategy means writing lots of interesting material to get your website noticed, but where do you start? Here are (more…)

The importance of stories in content marketing

Everybody loves stories, and content marketing can use compelling stories to make people love brands. (more…)

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