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The importance of being earned

The term ‘earned media’ refers to a brand mention from a journalist, influencer blogger or other third-party sources. This is the traditional goal for public relations campaigns, and it should also be a goal for your (more…)

Is your content marketing working?

Many business owners are not happy with their content marketing. The usual complaints are that the content doesn’t get enough readers, or that it doesn’t generate enough sales.

Emails are unopened, Facebook pages don’t attract (more…)

Why not try using live content?

When creating a content marketing strategy, it is always worth considering live content, especially when launching new products, holding conferences or delivering training.

When Apple launches a product, it does it by (more…)

How to make content marketing interesting even if your business isn’t

There are some business sectors that, try as they might, struggle to be seen as anything but boring. To create interesting web content is a challenge for these companies.

To create content for businesses such as (more…)

Duplicate content and how to avoid it

To achieve a high ranking in Google and other search engines requires high-quality content, but if this is simply taken from (more…)

Is content marketing better value than advertising on social media?

According to a survey conducted by Moz SEO tools, content marketing on social media sites is a better investment than (more…)

Why retailers need to focus on content marketing

The retail sector is changing at a fast pace, and content marketing strategies need to adapt in tandem.

We all know that Amazon is (more…)

Spotlight on: Content marketing for millennials

Content needs to be created for a particular target audience – and it isn’t alway easy to get content marketing for millennials right, particularly if you’re not in that age bracket yourself.

A millennial is (more…)

Can robots write web content?

Artificial Intelligence software is being used to edit and create content. The results that the software produces are not as good as human writers and editors.

Wikipedia has created software that (more…)

Four reasons why you should increase your content marketing in 2016

Most companies know that original and engaging web content is vital to increase brand awareness. Creating high quality content is not easy. It is important that your content is created by experts such (more…)

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