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The importance of clear infographics

Infographics are becoming an increasingly popular way to reach an online audience. For many, these engaging visuals are a fast, entertaining way to deliver otherwise dry statistics, but is the trend for creating exciting and unique graphics getting in the way of their ‘information’ aspect?

When I was studying history, the first  (more…)

Infographic gives stats on tweeting brands

Using research compiled by Brandwatch, MyCleverAgency has published an infographic shedding light on the activities of some of the top brands  (more…)

Infographics are highly effective in driving conversions, a study shows

The importance of infographics in content marketing strategies has been highlighted by a recent study, which was carried out by an India-based SEO company.

The study compared the (more…)

Sony to launch video game based on infographics

Japanese gaming giant Sony announced recently that it is to work with Digital Dreams, a Dutch developer, to launch a game based solely around infographics for one of its consoles.

While initially, Sony only gave ‘Metrico’ as the (more…)