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China clamps down on newspaper extortion

Authorities in China have come down like a ton of bricks on a financial newspaper headquartered in the coastal province of Guangdong, following reports alleging that some staff at the publication were involved in extortion.

According to the South China Morning Post, officials ordered the  (more…)

Media world struggles with the tricky terrorist tweets

The exploitation of social media by high-profile terrorist organisations has received a lot of attention in the press over recent weeks and months.

However, with many posts now going viral online, at Pressroom we are aware that many firms are reworking their news feed strategies to limit what  (more…)

Flexible future for digital marketing

Recent research has suggested that online marketing is entering a more flexible period, with transient workers and a leaning towards contract staff.

That was the lead finding from a study that polled the opinions of more than 260 digital marketing executives, from firms working  (more…)

Charities urged to boost online donor routes

Charitable organisations are being advised to embrace online technologies and mobile access to increase the volume of their donations.

The warning has been issued by Claranet, a managed services provider.

The firm has said that with cashless payments now the number one transactional close in the UK, it is clear that  (more…)

Digital roles dominate top marketing hires for the future

With the world of digital marketing getting ever bigger, companies and organisations throughout the country are sizing up a big investment in their recruitment drives.

With the continuing shift to social, the top skill set likely to be hired over the next few years is in the digital and social arena. Recent industry research has shown that  (more…)

Lack of digital talent risks growth of businesses

A new report into the world of digital marketing has revealed that companies are facing up to a lack of talent.

However, with 80% of British firms set to boost their digital marketing budgets this year, many will be hoping that their efforts  (more…)

Big firms first to exploit Spotify’s new service

Spotify has started rolling out its video ads formats and the world’s biggest brands have been the first to jump on board.

The formats, which the digital music provider states offers brands an exclusive level of service to cater to engaged audiences, operates across both desktop and mobile platforms. Offering sponsored sessions that users can decide to engage with  (more…)

UK police using banner ads to target piracy

Police forces in the UK have started using online banner advertising as part of their fight against pirated content.

The ads, which are being used in place of  (more…)

Škoda tours new digital campaign

An automotive brand is hoping to take the online marketing equivalent of the yellow jersey with its latest interactive approach.

Škoda has launched a  (more…)

Loo roll giant aims to show clean branding

Toilet tissue manufacturer Andrex is launching a new marketing campaign which will see it step away from tradition. Instead of the  (more…)

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