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Three ways to improve your social media marketing

Most businesses are aware that social media should be an integral part of their marketing strategy. Being successful in social media is not easy, and many business owners come a cropper without realising what happened. Here is three tips (more…)

Questions to ask if you want high quality content

Both Google and your website visitors appreciate high quality content. To assess the quality of it, it can really help if you ask the following questions: (more…)

Increasing interaction on social media sites

Social media sites are platforms to share content and interact.

Sites such as (more…)

Optimising social media

Social media is a powerful way to get your business known, but you need to (more…)

Why bother with social media?

Most businesses know that they need a social media strategy, but they are not always sure about what value social media brings to a company. Here are five ways in which social media benefits your business:

Increased brand awareness

A business is a brand and the more people recognise your brand the better chance you have of converting them to customers.
Often people first hear about your company on a social media site, rather than your main web site, so a better impression via social media will likely lead to more people visiting your profile being converted into customers and clients.

Improved loyalty

Your Twitter followers and your Facebook friends are a community. Providing quality information will increase their loyalty to your brand.

More conversions

The goal of marketing is to convert interested people to customers. On social media you are building a relationship with your followers. They may not convert to customers straight away, but the more interaction they have with you, the more likely they are to purchase your product or service.
Each social media activity is a chance for people to react and this increases the chances of conversion.

Increased website traffic

Visitors to your web site are usually people already familiar with your company or perhaps they have found you through the search engines. All social media content that contains a link to your site is an opportunity to attract visitors to your web site.

An added benefit is that these inbound links will help your website rankings.

Improve perceptions of customer service

Social media sites are communication channels, where people can comment on your business. They are also the means by which you can promptly address issues or concerns. This will demonstrate your commitment to quality customer service.

These are just a few of the many reasons how social media can benefit your business.

See your social media followers as a community

Businesses often refer to people who buy their products and services as customers or clients. When it comes to (more…)

Why social media is important

In the digital age, businesses need a social media campaign in order to (more…)

Optimising your social media content

It’s an issue many of us have, making sure that the content on our social media accounts stays up-to-date and relevant while retaining its impact.

Naturally, it’s understandable to take the logic that your posts must be optimised. However, the issue is, with so many different social media sites, how  (more…)

Know thy audience: Understanding social networking platform demographics

With one in every four minutes spent online being on a social network platform, it’s well established that they are a giant captive audience for boosting the profile of your content, but which site should you be focusing on?

The temptation is to target the big boys, Twitter and Facebook, but this strategy could see you missing out on your key demographic audience. Choosing where to (more…)

The power of the Pin

Though a relatively new player in the world of social networking, Pinterest is the third largest social media platform, with an estimated 72.8 million users worldwide and with users spending an average of almost three minutes per visit longer each time they visit than they do on Facebook, meaning that the audience is a more interactive one.

An online version of a bulletin board in which users catalogue and share images alongside their comments, Pinterest is predominantly used by (more…)

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