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Content impacts buying decisions, according to study

Graeme Parton

A study carried out by the Chief Marketing Officer Council (CMO) has revealed that most B2B buyers see online content as a valuable tool when it comes to researching various products and services.

Last week’s study, which is entitled ‘Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field’, came after the CMO Council, along with NetLine Corp, questioned 400 business-to-business buyers about their thoughts. A significant 87% of those asked claimed that the content they find online has either a moderate or major effect on their final purchasing decisions.

Referring to the results of a recent Content Marketing Institute survey, the CMO Council’s executive director, Donovan Neale-May, said:

“Most companies spend at least 25% of their marketing budgets on content creation and distribution on digital channels.

“Our focus [with the CMO Council study] was to see how effective is that spend, to what degree are companies producing content that is meaningful and useful to buyers, and what are the nuances around how people are utilizing and sharing that content with their peers.”

The study’s results also revealed that 47% of firms saw professional associations as the most valuable source of decision-shaping content, and that 46% focused on industry groups and organisations. The importance of internet-based trade publications, workshops, trade shows and seminars were also highlighted.

Neale-May went on to explain that buyers do not necessarily respond well to overtly promotional tactics, and that this is often ignored by companies that rely on product people for content, as opposed to experienced content strategists.

Firms often choose to work with established content providers simply because they have the experience and knowledge to ensure great results. These marketers will also be able to create effective campaigns suited specifically to either B2B or B2C clients as they improve their online presence.

Graeme has experience creating content for online sources and for the radio, and at university he studied Multimedia Journalism.

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