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Content spending fuels Expedia growth

Expedia has announced a revenue increase of nearly a fifth in the first quarter of the year, as the firm invested heavily into its technological infrastructure and online content strategy.

The web-based travel firm  announced a 19% rise in revenue, with shares in the company seeing a 1% uplift as a result of the news to Wall Street.

The announcement comes a few months after Expedia linked up with Travelocity on its content marketing; allowing the load to be shared. A more streamlined bookings process between the two travel giants has also proved successful, with Expedia announcing a 29% growth in this area.

Another part of the content strategy will see a partnership between the two firms. This has already started in the US, where Expedia branded products will be showcased on the Travelocity site.

On a wider scale, there is clear determination from the travel company in investing in its content delivery. The figures announced by the firm this week showed that spending in this area had increased by 12%, along with further investment into technology.

This has helped to drive revenue for the firm, which has grown from $1.01bn to over $1.2bn during the year up until March 31st.

The ongoing strategy is likely to continue to be tracked, and thoroughly. With increasing numbers of businesses re-evaluating how they perform in the online content stakes, it is no longer good enough to just be ‘performing well’. It needs to outperform.

Representing such a large investment for Expedia, the firm will need to demonstrate how content is increasingly important. With enterprises the size of Expedia recognising this, it is essential that smaller companies also wake up to the reality. That is true whether they are in the global travel industry or a local retailer, whose audience requires a more personalised and customisable approach.

Steven Morris

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