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Creative industry set for 2015 talent slump

Companies looking to ramp up their digital marketing efforts have been warned that next year could see a dearth in the talent heading for the sector.

According to creative business educator Hyper Island, the talent shortage is set to hit the user experience (UX) design segment most.

It has reported the news following  an in-depth period of research into the industry.

Canvassing more than 30 digital and creative industry leaders, the school has said that firms not engaging effectively with customers online could see sales slump. It also stated that there needs to be more focus on hiring and training creative people to deliver a robust UX strategy.

Lauren Currie, the programme manager for Hyper Island, said:

“A chasm definitely exists between what consumers expect and what brands can deliver.”

Ms Currie added that not addressing this gap could prove extremely costly going into the New Year. Getting the experience right for customers, across all aspects of existing and developing technology, will be an essential driver for business, she went on to add.

Social is already playing a huge role in this, of course, and is likely to only get more essential to engaging with the customer.

The chief executive of Hyper Island, Johanna Frelin, commented that firms embracing change, along with skill and talent-building, in the experience design and delivery segment will succeed. She said that they would be able to:

“…stay ahead of the game and gain a competitive advantage in their respective fields.”

Concluding its report, Hyper Island said that the experience for the customer could outstrip many other factors in the buying experience. According to experts at the school, the uniqueness of the contact could be more important than the price point or product differences.

In certain areas, this could be true of course, although firms with a high-performing package at every level will always be those best placed.

Steven Morris

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