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Twitter popularity emphasises need for efficient content

The rise of Twitter from a minor internet user’s plaything to a major player in the social network field has pushed its developers into finding a suitable balance between features for marketers and everyday consumers.

While many of the site’s users will (more…)

Experts predict growth for LinkedIn, Myspace and Pinterest

While Twitter and Facebook may be top of the pile when it comes to social media user figures, experts are predicting the growth of the ‘smaller’ networks.

An eBook report from (more…)

LinkedIn surpasses rivals in online marketing race

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has published a report which suggests that LinkedIn has overtaken Facebook and Twitter in the race to become the most popular outlet for B2B content marketing.

The 2013 B2B Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, which (more…)

Facebook announces major news feed overhaul

More space is being devoted to content on Facebook after the site’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, announced a significant layout update.

Zuckerberg, 28, unveiled the new look at (more…)

Acquisition could improve content for Facebook users

It has been suggested that Facebook users will soon benefit from improved experiences when it comes to promotional content after the social networking firm acquired Microsoft’s Atlas Advertiser Suite.

The suite, which has been one of (more…)

Samsung to change the way online content is consumed

South Korean mobile giant Samsung is gearing up for the release of its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S4.

Tech fans are expecting to see the (more…)

Survey reveals importance of shareable content

A study carried out by market research firm BrainJuicer has revealed that more than 12 million adults in the UK share some form of content over their mobile phones on a weekly basis.

The survey, which BrainJuicer conducted with (more…)

High profile florist suffers search engine setback

The longest serving flower delivery service in the UK recently suffered a major setback after it was penalised by Google for bad SEO practice.

Interflora’s presence on the search giant’s results pages was (more…)

Content: a key part of an SEO strategy

The Internet is used by billions of people every day to find and purchase the goods and services they need and desire. As such, the market has become saturated, and it has become crucial that website owners do all they can to stand above the crowd and attract attention.

Search engines play a big part in website owners’ endeavours to rise above the competition. When Google, which is the world’s most popular search engine, changes the way in which it judges the usefulness of websites, business owners and SEO consultants must respond accordingly. Google’s Penguin update in 2012, for example, was an attempt to restrict the effectiveness of black hat SEO in favour of good quality content.

Search engines look to provide users with results that satisfy. This means that (more…)

Content reigns in 2013 as report highlights a shift in marketing focus

Changes in the way search engines pick out sites relevant to users’ searches have meant that the quality of a website’s content is becoming a primary marketing consideration.

A report published in February by Info Marketing Experts supported this notion, as it discovered that more than two thirds of the UK’s marketing professionals will this year place an emphasis on customer relations – suggesting that even more companies will be looking to incorporate new and improved content into their marketing strategies.

Content and engaging the customer

Today, content is considered the cornerstone of a quality website. It means customers won’t just return when they require further contact or product information. A company’s website is able to build a regular audience by acting as a source of well-written and engaging news for its industry.

The Info Marketing Experts report showed that customer engagement is being considered even above brand management, and is one of the foremost ways of supporting growth. Companies taking part in the study actually said they believe successful brand management will come as a natural consequence of conscientious customer relations management. Content is one of the most effective ways to engage customers, and there are a number of routes open to a business.

What is content and how does it relate to marketing?

Since the popular search engines are increasingly looking at content when presenting web pages to a user, quality written information has become one of the primary considerations of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry

As part of a quality SEO package, great content will help a company increase its exposure and can include anything from blog and news writing to feature articles, press releases and web copy.

While web copy is essential for assuring customers that a site is an authority on the products and services of its industry, and article writing will garner a business attention in the field while substantially bolstering a wider SEO strategy, news is also important.

News shows a website’s audience that the business is up-to-date on current affairs and industry happenings. Furthermore, being recognised by Google News as a publisher is a valuable accolade.

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