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Clickthrough rates for Bing listings revealed in blog post

In a recent post on the Bing blog, the Partner Architect of the company’s Research and Development team, Ronny Kohavi, revealed a number of interesting facts regarding clickthrough rates in Bing’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Kohavi confirmed that (more…)

Users block websites for poor content and too many ads, says survey

A recent survey has revealed that users visiting a site will tend to navigate away from a page and head for similar sites offered by competitors if the content is too cluttered with advertisements.

The study, from SurveyMonkey, fell in line with (more…)

Reports show more companies turn to inbound marketing – but content may soon be paid for

The latest annual State of Inbound Marketing Report from HubSpot has predicted a huge shift, over the course of 2013, in the way companies market themselves.

According to the report, around 60% of (more…)

SMEs place priority on marketing online, says report

According to recent research, SMEs have begun to turn their backs on the more traditional forms of marketing – which can include anything from television adverts and billboards to printed ephemera – in favour of more modern, online routes.

The research, which was (more…)

New tool allows readers to identify plagiarised content

Highlighting the increasing need for websites to ensure they are delivering top quality content, a new mobile tool from a U.S. developer allows users to identify duplicated portions of text.

With the tool, developed by the (more…)

Study shows PC use still strong amid growing popularity of mobile devices

ComScore’s latest Digital Market Overview discovered that more than 40 million people in the UK browsed the internet using their PC in February – showing that while mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are increasingly popular, the PC is still a major channel.

The report also showed that almost (more…)

Google’s spam expert advises marketers on moving archived content

The head of webspam at Google, Matt Cutts, recently released a video in which he addressed the issue of moving large amounts of content to a new web domain – and how businesses can successfully avoid any negative effects it could have on (more…)

Poll finds Internet users prefer free content

In a recent survey carried out for the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), around 90% of those asked said they believed content on the Internet should be free.

Conducted by Zogby Analytics, the (more…)

Tailored content leaders say potential is yet to be unlocked

Two leading providers of digital magazines offering tailored content – Prismatic and Zite – have said that, while personalised content has come a long way, its true potential is yet to be unlocked.

Speaking at this year’s (more…)

Twitter looking to expand beyond written content

Twitter is reported to be teaming up with NBC and Viacom to bring more video clips to users of the social network.

Earlier in the week, Bloomberg cited sources apparently close to (more…)

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