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Twitter users unable to spell, according to report

A study carried out by Brandwatch has found that Twitter users are more likely to make basic spelling mistakes than those who use Facebook and Google+.

According to the figures, one in 150 words posted in (more…)

Report reveals mobile usage patterns differ between operating systems

American iPhone owners spend more time tapping their touchscreens than Android users, according to a report released this week.

The study, which was carried out by (more…)

YouTube celebrates eighth birthday

Google’s video sharing site YouTube has celebrated turning eight by posting some impressive user stats on its blog.

The site began its life this month in (more…)

Study reveals consumers’ willingness to pay for content

The results of a new study have revealed that an increasing number of consumers in the UK are willing to pay for content.

The poll, which was commissioned by KPMG and conducted by online market research firm YouGov, also found that the average time each consumer spends reading books, watching television and even using social media sites has (more…)

Facebook phone’s European release delayed

Facebook has decided to delay the European release of its new customised Android handset after the company received negative feedback in the U.S.

The First, which Facebook has developed with (more…)

Report reveals further growth in internet marketing spending

A report in Australia has revealed another significant rise in the amount being spent by businesses on online advertising.

The figures from IAB Australia’s Online Advertising Expenditure Report, which was put together by (more…)

Schoolgirl points out punctuation mistakes in year six English exam

A school pupil has written a letter to the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, after spotting grammatical errors in her English skills SATs paper.

Rebecca Lee, who attends Bristol’s Christ Church School, was (more…)

Research reveals branded content popularity

A study carried out by MailOnline has revealed that two thirds of businesses and agencies see branded content marketing as being a very important part of their promotional strategies. Some even went as far as saying it was imperative.

The survey, which saw the news giant question more than 600 executives from the (more…)

Businesses turn to custom content to fill traditional void

The results of a recent report have suggested the number of people shunning traditional news sources in favour of using brand and subject-specific websites for more relevant content is on the rise.

The U.S. report, titled State of the News Media 2013, was (more…)

Grammatical errors hindering SMEs, according to new study

A survey has revealed that almost 50% of shoppers would be dissuaded from buying something from a brand if the company has made a spelling error or grammatical mistake in one of its signs or website pages.

The study, conducted by (more…)

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