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Google unveils new search algorithm

Google has updated the way in which it deals with the search requests of its  (more…)

Twitter gets serious with emergency services alerts

While people used to see Twitter as simply a platform to publish meaningless comments and animal pictures, there is no doubt that it has become one of the first ports of call when it comes to  (more…)

Sheffield school counteracts ‘excellent’ status with spelling error

A private girls’ school in Sheffield has been forced to defend itself after putting up a sign containing a glaring  (more…)

Ghoti and chips or pie and mashed ghoughpteighbteau?: Making a meal of English spelling

If you’re reading and understanding this piece, I’m assuming that you learned to speak English at some point in your life. Well done, but how  (more…)

Apple OS update creates social media frenzy

A new report put together by analytics firm We Are Social has revealed that on its launch day alone (September 18), Apple’s new operating system update – iOS 7 – was mentioned more (more…)

Google reveals search page revamp

Google has started to roll out a newly redesigned version of its homepage – which is officially the most visited internet address in (more…)

Movie streaming service uses piracy to its advantage

Netflix announced recently that it monitors the activity of online pirates to decide which films and TV series it adds to its content streaming portfolio.

The American company put (more…)

Twitter prepares design overhaul

Micro-blogging site Twitter is set to unveil its most significant design overhaul in nearly two years, as it looks to attract new users.

The platform’s new (more…)

College shells out £25K on apostrophe

In stark contrast to the apostrophe-shunning likes of Waterstones, Boots and Morrisons, a North West college has rebranded itself with the help of a flying comma.

Preston College has changed its name to Preston’s College  (more…)

Had enough? – a nerdy word-based challenge

Here’s a challenge for you – can you create a grammatically correct string of words that, if said out loud, would require the speaker to make the same monosyllabic utterance 17 times in a row?

At first, this  (more…)

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