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The sound and the shape

They say a picture tells a thousand words, but can words and sounds themselves form pictures in our minds? Is there any pattern to  (more…)

Bing sees growth in market share but Google remains dominant

Microsoft-owned search engine Bing hit a significant milestone earlier in the month, when its market share reached  (more…)

Wikipedia trials new text-based service

Wikipedia has started to pilot a new service which involves it sending articles to users via SMS, as opposed to presenting them online. It is thought that  (more…)

Survey highlights Facebook as a prominent news source

More than 30 per cent of Americans use Facebook as a news source, according to the results of a new study released by the  (more…)

Apple unveils new iPad Air

Apple has taken the next step in its attempts to dominate the tablet market, adding the iPad Air to its popular product range.

The new device, which at 7.5mm is 20 per cent  (more…)

Five Latin terms that crop up in modern day writing

Depending on your age or the type of school you went to, you might remember Latin as something you had to learn but didn’t really see the point in  (more…)

Chinese tech experts announce ‘Li-Fi’ breakthrough

Scientists in China are claiming to have made considerable strides in their attempts to increase internet accessibility across  (more…)

Google files interesting new Glass patent

Social media users could soon be able to ‘like’ their favourite brands and attractions by making shapes with their hands, if a new patent filed by Google is (more…)

Facebook allows teenagers to post publically

Facebook users under the age of 18 can now make their posts open to the public after the company introduced its  (more…)

Third of firms happy using English sites for global business

Around 32 per cent of British SMEs see an English-language business website as being sufficient for expanding in other countries, according to  (more…)

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