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Bowie school makes ch-ch-ch-changes after spelling gaffe

A school in South East London which used to count David Bowie among its pupils has been left embarrassed after it added the word ‘SHCOOL’ to its  (more…)

Night on the tiles: the misconceptions of Scrabble

Outing yourself as a keen Scrabble player is often a bit like admitting to wearing the same pair of long johns for four days in a row. People will often look at you as if  (more…)

Young job seekers to benefit from social media tool

With social media playing such a big part in the everyday lives of students in the UK, it’s no surprise that some will occasionally post things they  (more…)

Vodafone falls short with mobile data coverage

Mobile operator Vodafone has been criticised by Ofcom for failing to meet its network coverage  (more…)

Web giants join forces to tackle bugs

Rivals Facebook, Microsoft and Google have announced that they will work together in a bid to remove the number of bugs affecting  (more…)

Facebook launching new search feature in the UK

Californian social giant Facebook announced this week that it has started rolling out its new Graph Search feature to users in the  (more…)

Netflix takes step forward with 4k video content

Popular movie and TV streaming service Netflix has begun trialling ‘ultra HD’ video content (more…)

The pun-damentals of wordplay

Since we appreciate the flexibility of the English language and the fact that so many of its words have more than one meaning, most wordsmiths tend to be  (more…)

Tesco to target consumers with face-scanning technology

Supermarket giant Tesco is set to scan its customers’ faces in order to determine which advertisements are  (more…)

Google unveils its latest Nexus device

Web giant Google has launched the latest product in its range of flagship mobile devices, the  (more…)

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