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Balancing engaging B2B content with SEO

Writing content for some business-to-business (B2B) markets can be a difficult job.

You may need to describe the benefits of a complex  (more…)

Understand your audience psyche

When promoting your content on social media, it can be helpful to understand the psyche of your target market.

How we react in  (more…)

Getting content right for your customers

Ensuring your content is compelling enough to encourage repeat visits and conversions is the constant challenge for content marketers. Finding new ways to engage audiences is essential to achieving your (more…)

Applying simple sales technique for social success

Social media is all about creating a dialogue between your business and your target audience.

While choosing to post high quality, interesting content will  (more…)

Creating high value engagement

So, you know your audience and the ways to drive traffic. You have metrics in place to measure that traffic and its effect on your business. Now you’ve got time to sit back with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit… surely?

Well, unfortunately, no. Simply  (more…)

Unnecessary redundancies that are not needed

In writing and linguistics, one term that crops up a lot is “redundancy”. The word is an ugly one in any sense, especially since 2008 when the global economic downturn started and unemployment rates rose. However, in writing it refers to a disagreeable, if usually accidental, habit.

Redundancy is simply  (more…)

Creating living, breathing content

A staggering amount of content is produced on a daily basis and, sadly, much of its bulk is designed purely to score points with search engines.

Often labelled ‘backfill’ content, it would make more sense to  (more…)

Put your content on the map

If your content seems to be disappearing into the ether of the internet, you may need to take a closer look at three integral areas of content marketing – strategy, content creation and technology.

If just one of these areas is looking a little woolly, you could soon find that your content drops off the radar as quickly  (more…)

How do search engines rate your content engagement?

Search engines look for engaging content that encourages interactions with web users. There are a variety of ways that Google and its peers will measure engagement, so  (more…)

Build great SEO with wonderful content

Content quality is high on the list of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) success factors. If you develop your content strategy well, you will have robust foundations upon which to build your SEO.

It’s all about (more…)

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