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Social media importance to business underlined by rallying shares

Credit Suisse’s expectations for Facebook were raised last week, resulting in shares for all floated social media companies rallying.

This underscored the important role that  (more…)

Tech community downgraded by Reddit

The row over censorship of the technology forum on the user-generated news and entertainment website Reddit has resulted in the social big hitter removing its ‘default subreddit’ status.

The step has been taken  (more…)

Google visual Cutts through SEO group myths

A recent video from the chief of search for Google has attempted to bust some commonly held conceptions about how the firm treats search engine optimisation (SEO).

The vid, which is presented by  (more…)

Taking SEO tips to task

Writing on Search Engine Watch this week, the founder and CEO of an American SEO agency has given a few of of his top tips to make (more…)

Benchmark survey reveals underperforming content strategies

As content marketing is a clear focus for 90% of businesses today, the publishing of Demand Metric’s latest poll seems to have arrived at just the right time.

With few content marketers saying that  (more…)

Want to build client loyalty? You need to move in One Direction

Brands have been urged to take a hint from a boy-band to engage with their customers.

Telling firms that they need to get closer and give back more, rather than  (more…)

Consumer group wants content delivered faster

Customers should have the speed and service that they have paid for, shopper-focused watchdog Which? has said.

By urging the UK’s broadband providers to boost their levels of service, it is hoped that  (more…)

Hyphens: Don’t dash your hopes of writing clearly

Hiding next to the zero on the top row of your keyboard, you’ll find the hyphen lurking underneath the underscore.

It’s an unusual glyph and no clear rules exist on how to use it, but using it badly can  (more…)

‘Privacy Dinosaur’ plods onto Facebook

Social site Facebook has introduced a new feature that could help some of its users think twice about what they are posting.

The Californian company has brought in the  (more…)

Develop your blog into a business generator

Every day there are thousands of business owners out there crafting blogs with the goal of making lots of money.

Today, producing engaging, fresh content is part of  (more…)