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SEO key to success of native advertising

With over 80% of content marketers planning on using native advertising as part of their online marketing strategies through the year, the importance of SEO could not be clearer.

Defined as advertising in the form of  (more…)

ICO issues response to ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued its first comment following the European ruling that essentially mandates Google and other search engine providers to remove irrelevant material.

With the body admitting that it is challenged by the ruling, a post to its blog by the ICO’s head of data protection, David Smith, said:

“This judgment was only made last week, and the companies will need some time to work out how they’re going to handle this. We won’t be ruling on any complaints until the search providers have had a reasonable time to put their systems in place and start considering requests.”

The post went on to say that, being mindful of the work that search engines need to put in place, no action in response to the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling would be taken for a number of months.

On May 13, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that search engine results linking to a certain page had to be removed as they had become irrelevant over time. The ruling did not stretch to the page where the content was housed, just the search results.

However, the ruling was extended to allow other people with similar irrelevant results to take action to have their search engine results pages (SERPS) modified and removed, unless justification for their continued appearance was proven.

The ICO will step into the process should search providers not comply to take down requests.

Many leading lights in the online world have decried the ruling, with Google commenting that it was “disappointing” while Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales claimed it was “astonishing”. Wales went on to say that it was tantamount to censoring the internet.

The ICO said implementing the ruling would be challenging to put into practice, requiring time and careful guidance. There would also be a need for sensible expectations to be set, so that the public can understand how the process will operate.

Football woes begin for England before they have even got on the bus

With weeks still to go until the start of the 2014 World Cup, England has already gotten off to a bad start after the team’s official slogans were revealed.

With the slogans, chosen in a  (more…)

Internet matters to ISPs

The four largest UK internet service providers (ISPs), have come together to raise awareness about children’s safety online.

Internet Matters is designed to  (more…)

Interactive marketing to benefit FA during World Cup

The Football Association (FA) is to develop a series of second-screen marketing strategies for fans.

Targeting commercial growth through creating  (more…)

Heart disease charity launches family link awareness campaign

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is hoping to raise people’s awareness of a genetic link to heart disease, involving through the use of online content.

This comes as the charity revealed that  (more…)

Disgruntled workers warned not to take to social media

Social has been something of a revolution over recent years, changing the way that we talk to our friends and family, as well as the methods that companies can use to get in touch with their customers.

It has also been the arena for some  (more…)

Phones 4u to synergise physical and online experience

The newly appointed marketing chief of a mobile phone retailer has outlined his strategy for the firm, with search engine optimisation (SEO) one of its key tenets.

Ben Padley, who joined Phones 4u at  (more…)

Content spending fuels Expedia growth

Expedia has announced a revenue increase of nearly a fifth in the first quarter of the year, as the firm invested heavily into its technological infrastructure and online content strategy.

The web-based travel firm  (more…)

Bing looks to the future for growth

A search engine has ramped up its push to take market share away from Google with the announcement of its latest technology.

With what has been an excellent debut too, Bing Predictions seems  (more…)