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Key learnings for typists

The ultimate aim of anyone who regularly word processes is to get to know where all the keys are without looking at the keyboard, but is there any particular reason why we use the layout that we do? Why not just have keys in alphabetical order?

The keyboard layout with which  (more…)

John Lewis sees 1k pick up in online brand consumption

As reported on this site recently, John Lewis’ seasonal advertising campaign has gone down a storm, instantly lighting up social media platforms when it was launched at the start of the month.

However, recent analysis of the campaign has shown that the popular partnership retailer has seen its digital brand consumption hit  (more…)

Three everyday words invented by William Shakespeare

There are some academics who would argue that Shakespeare was more a poet than a playwright, what with his 154 sonnets and every one of his plays being written in iambic pentameter (lines of 10 syllables with every second syllable being stressed). What is beyond doubt, though, is that the bard had a way with words.

Shakespeare didn’t limit his words to the ones in 16th and 17th Century usage, though, as he was happy to  (more…)

Families more social thanks to online chatting

The rise of online communication in real time is bringing families closer together, according to new research.

The study, conducted by OMD UK along with Time Inc. UK, has suggested that families are now watching TV together more often than in the past; a return to how things were some years ago.

In the 1980s and 1990s, watching  (more…)

Ryanair’s digital campaign already reaping results

Digital campaigns have been a big part of Ryanair’s business model for many years, but just a year into its relaunch, the Dublin-based firm’s new, more customer-focused approach is already having an effect.

Last year, Europe’s most popular airline launched a (more…)

Evernote strikes $20m content deal with Nikkei

Note-taking software and service provider Evernote has received a multimillion pound injection from Japanese media giant Nikkei, as part of a new content deal.

The partnership, which steers $20m (£12.8m) into the California-based developer’s coffers, will see content from  (more…)

Social media takes on the festive season

It is easy to argue that the relatively new trend for commercial social media has changed the face of retail.

However, as direct links from social content are rarely, if ever, the final click before a purchase is made, understanding their exact context can be tricky.

In many ways, it is tantamount to  (more…)

Conservation content drives John Lewis Christmas campaign

Retail giant John Lewis has revealed its 2014 Christmas advertising and marketing strategy, with a child and a penguin taking centre stage.

The integrated campaign, which will be heavily run on social networks as well as on TV and other media, has been put together at a cost of  (more…)

Wenger concerned about social footballers

Arsene Wenger, the manager of London Premier League outfit Arsenal, has admitted that he is concerned about how footballers are using social media outlets such as Twitter.

The 65-year-old addressed the  (more…)

What does the English language have against pigs?

Whether we talk of cat-like reactions, wolfing down food or being as blind as a bat, it’s clear that the associations we make with animals affect the language we use, but are these connotations always fair?

One creature that always seems to get a raw deal here is the pig. There are at least four expressions that compare negative human behaviour to  (more…)