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The widening communities of social

A report published by Ofcom last week has found that the most common reason for going online was to use social media.

According to 64% of respondents to the survey, it was what they went online to do most often. However, the survey also revealed that the landscape for how and where social is used is changing and diversifying.

As such, companies will  (more…)

Post Office passes the Christmas campaign parcel

With companies increasingly realising the power of social media, the Post Office has launched a holiday initiative that it hopes will win it back market share.

With rising competition in the parcel delivery market, the Post Office has seen its market share nosedive in recent years. Partnering with key social media channels, however, it hopes its  (more…)

Three habits every digital marketer should hone

Digital marketers are always looking for that edge, that particular something that puts them ahead of the rest. Many have found their own route to this success, of course, while others have fallen by the wayside.

Here are some of the best habits to try and  (more…)

Island library lends a hand to online marketing

The command of social media is an essential part of firms moving forward today, with the ultimate goal to get trending locally and nationally. Or globally, which is exactly what one UK library has managed.

This is not the historic British Library though, or a modern addition such as the Library of Birmingham. No, instead it is the  (more…)

A quick look at 2014’s content marketing statistics

With online marketers already likely well advanced with their plans for Q1 of 2015, some of the lessons learned throughout the last 12 months or so could prove useful.

For example, according to Corporate Executive Board, a members-only advice firm, business-to-business (B2B) online content is currently hugely significant.

In one of its surveys, it found  (more…)

Online advertising set to take quarter share

If there is one thing that digital marketing companies like to do, it is analyse just how well their content is performing.

With such number crunching so important, it is little wonder that surveys and research leads future direction.

One such finding, coming courtesy of  (more…)

It’s that social time of the year again

With yet another year approaching its end, the digital marketing community is looking at what has been achieved over the past 12 months, as well as to the future.

As it is becoming increasingly clear that how a company uses social media is in the spotlight, one huge lesson learned is  (more…)

Social media platforms need to make T’s & C’s clearer

Social networking firms have been told to buck up their ideas when it comes to letting people know what they are doing with collected data.

With many companies using social media to engage with their customers and the wider world, and many more entering the arena all the time, the control of personal data is a hot topic. This is something that  (more…)

Twitter executive makes DM gaffe

Reports of individuals and companies making huge mistakes on social media are nothing new, with examples of ill-advised statements, poorly conceived campaigns, and downright stupid comments all commonplace.

However, few would expect a  (more…)

Three words made popular by The Simpsons

I have to admit that a disturbing amount of my cultural knowledge stems from a particular American TV programme that’s been on our screens for the last 25 years. Whenever I’m trying to think about whether what seems like a very British phrase is ever used by Americans, I always find myself asking “has Homer ever said that?”

A whole generation has grown up with The Simpsons, and it’s even  (more…)