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Birdman tweets: Oscars light up social media

Hours before the great and the good of Hollywood started arriving on the red carpet at The Dolby Theatre, social media had already started its now typical Oscar frenzy.

The debate continued throughout the ceremony too, with the supposedly lacklustre event, presenting and surprises taking up the lion’s share of posts.

However, at least it was still an entertaining  (more…)

Getting SEO’s A to B right

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been with us for some time now, but while many firms attempt it, a substantial number of them are struggling to do it correctly.

Working with an online copywriting service will ensure that all of the bases are covered, of course, but having a basic understanding of  (more…)

Online plea nets charity a car

A Kidderminster-based group has been loaned a vehicle in just a matter of minutes, following an Internet appeal.

Forces Support, a charity that supports the families of those killed in the UK armed forces, made the plea for wheels on  (more…)

Charities urged to boost online donor routes

Charitable organisations are being advised to embrace online technologies and mobile access to increase the volume of their donations.

The warning has been issued by Claranet, a managed services provider.

The firm has said that with cashless payments now the number one transactional close in the UK, it is clear that  (more…)

Humorous profiles attract greater dating hits

As greeting card retailers and florists likely celebrated another February haul after the 14th, the secret to online dating success seems to have been uncovered.

In one of those ‘…bear does it where!?’ moments, it has been revealed that humour and playfulness are attractive to those looking for  (more…)

Recruitment for terrorist cell tops Google searches

People using Google for some search queries were being presented with “Isis” as one of the top autocomplete suggestions, it has been revealed.

Internet users in the US, as well as the UK, were presented with the hint when typing “how can I join…”.

The suggestion has now  (more…)

Digital roles dominate top marketing hires for the future

With the world of digital marketing getting ever bigger, companies and organisations throughout the country are sizing up a big investment in their recruitment drives.

With the continuing shift to social, the top skill set likely to be hired over the next few years is in the digital and social arena. Recent industry research has shown that  (more…)

Lack of digital talent risks growth of businesses

A new report into the world of digital marketing has revealed that companies are facing up to a lack of talent.

However, with 80% of British firms set to boost their digital marketing budgets this year, many will be hoping that their efforts  (more…)

Welsh firm collapses after government spelling error

A basic spelling mistake by Companies House could cost the British taxpayer nearly £9m after it was found culpable for the collapse of a generations-old, family-run business.

The High Court ruled that Companies House had been the cause of the collapse of Welsh  (more…)

Warnings from the digital future

How brands perform in the digital arena is one of the most critical aspects for business success, which is something that will not change.

However, as many companies and organisations have found to their cost, having a digital presence does present some  (more…)