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Going viral: four ways to spread your business message

If you say the word viral to a certain people, they will instantly think of diseases. However, for most entrepreneurs the idea of their message ‘going viral’ would have them rubbing their hands together with glee, not antibacterial gel.

To ‘go viral’ has become an accepted way to describe internet content that is  (more…)

Brevity is key to meaningful writing

The English language is astonishing. From 26 simple characters, we’ve arranged the alphabet in over a million ways to create words that convey meaning, express our thoughts and influence others.

These same few building blocks were used by giants of literature like Dickens, Shakespeare or Austen, but their output is as original and unique as they were.

The Greeks used to  (more…)

Sharing the small things makes the biggest difference

If you’re lucky enough to have built up a network of followers through your social media sites, you will already have an audience to engage with. However, with the average Facebook user receiving over 1,440 posts from the brands they like, competition is fierce.

So, how do you make your updates stand out from the crowd, accessing that prized grail of a new audience to get posts shared? (more…)

Hashtags: beyond labelling

The widespread use of hashtags came about as a result of Twitter’s ascension on the social media scene, which led to the need to find some order in its short, disjointed verbal outpourings.

A small group of people began using the hashtag symbol to indicate the keyword in their tweets, which acted as a sort of labelling system so that  (more…)

Word play for extra traffic

I once worked in a call centre where I overheard one of my colleagues explaining to his client why a shipment of components had been delayed; apparently the cargo ship had been hit by a tycoon.

Whilst it turned out I was the only one amused by the image of Bill Gates being torpedoed at freighters in the Indian Ocean, we’ve probably all used a malapropism, mondegreen or spoonerism to someone else’s entertainment.  (more…)

Social Media: If content is king then images are the crowning glory

Pictures paint a thousand words and, accompanying the right content, can also account for thousands of likes on Facebook and other social platforms.

Aristotle would often declare that “it is impossible to think without images”, and the evidence in support of this is staggering. Firstly, our brains are  (more…)

The aftermath of Google’s mobile crackdown

Dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’, April 21st was expected to mark a significant change in the way Google searches conducted on smartphones were returned.

However, a few weeks on, it is claimed that little has changed.

The internet giant uses over 200 algorithms to rank websites according to  (more…)

The Google Chain – Understanding long tail keyword searches

We all like to think that we are unique and sometimes we come up with thoughts, questions and ideas that we believe nobody has ever thought of….until we type them into Google.

The internet is a huge repository of minds siphoned off into a mammoth think tank where you can find the answers to all of life’s great questions. It’s underpinned by a predictive text search bar which seems to read your mind. I’m (more…)

Finding your voice online

With 55% of communication being conveyed via body language, it’s little wonder that digital communication is believed to be the best way to miscommunicate how you feel and misinterpret what other people mean.

In fact, when you look at face-to-face communication, what we say accounts for just 7% of being understood, with the remainder being about how we say it. What’s more, it’s  (more…)

China clamps down on newspaper extortion

Authorities in China have come down like a ton of bricks on a financial newspaper headquartered in the coastal province of Guangdong, following reports alleging that some staff at the publication were involved in extortion.

According to the South China Morning Post, officials ordered the  (more…)