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How to present high quality web articles

Creating knockout web content is not just about well written articles that interest and engage your readers. You need to also pay attention to how these articles are presented. (more…)

The importance of high quality content

A major aim of marketing is to enhance a brand, and high quality content is the vehicle to do this. (more…)

Search Engine Optimisation or Pay per Click?

There are two methods to ensure your website is high in the search engine rankings: search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising. Many websites concentrate on one of these strategies, but it can be more effective to (more…)

The professional Twitter guide

One of the most popular social media platforms is Twitter, and your business should have a presence on it. There are guidelines that professional business Twitter users need (more…)

The three fundamentals of high quality content

There are golden rules of high quality web content. It should: (more…)

Three linking tips

The internet is built around links. Any page on the internet can link to any other page. Paying attention to how you use links is a vital component of search engine optimisation.

Consistent links

Home page file names begin with the word index, so that when you type in a domain name such as, visitors are directed to the home page. There are many different ways to link to the home page from any other page on your website. If your domain name is and the home page is index.html, then all the following link text will take visitors to the home page:


Whilst it makes no difference to your visitors which form you use, it is clearer for search engines if all links are consistent and you stick to one format. The easiest form is This also means that if you change the name of your home page to index.php, or index.htm, using simply your domain name as a link ensures that the link always points back to your home page.

The link format to other internal pages should also be consistent.

Not all links are on websites

Not everyone finds your site from either search engines or links from another website. It’s a good move to include direct links to your website in the signature on all emails and newsletters.

Quality links

You can pay for links on directory sites, but free links from sites with a high page rank are better. It is helpful if the text surrounding a link to your site is related to the content and keywords for your site. Quality links are more important than the quantity of links.

Although there are many components to a successful linking strategy, implementing these tips should increase your site visitors.

Three ways to improve your social media marketing

Most businesses are aware that social media should be an integral part of their marketing strategy. Being successful in social media is not easy, and many business owners come a cropper without realising what happened. Here is three tips (more…)

SEO trends in 2015

Search engine optimization practices have changed a lot over the last few years. Here is a list of what you may wish to do now to respond to changes in how Google ranks websites: (more…)

Questions to ask if you want high quality content

Both Google and your website visitors appreciate high quality content. To assess the quality of it, it can really help if you ask the following questions: (more…)

Increasing interaction on social media sites

Social media sites are platforms to share content and interact.

Sites such as (more…)