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Five tips to write high quality web article tips

Creating high quality web articles requires a little more than just being a good writer or communicator. There are some subtle ways to connect with your audience, and to make your content suitable for sharing on social media. Here are just a (more…)

Setting up the perfect Facebook page

An effective Facebook page can raise the profile of your business or brand and is not that difficult to set up, providing you follow some basic guidelines.


It is important to be placed under the correct business category. If your business has a physical location and serves a local community then it needs to be under the Local Business or Place category. Otherwise you need to choose between the Company Organization or Institution and Brand or Product categories.

After deciding on the main categories, there are sub categories to select. It could be that your business fits more than one category, in which case you need to choose the most relevant one.

Cover image

The cover image that appears at the top of your Facebook page is the first thing that people notice when landing on your page, so it is important that it makes an impact. This space is the place to brand your business. The cover image can contain text that features a brand tagline or slogan. It is worth hiring a professional graphic designer to crate the best cover image for you.

Company profile

The company profile is where you add your address and a full description of what your business does, its history and its values

Building a community

Once your page is set up, it’s time to add your first content. Share interesting images, news about your company, quotations and videos.

Once that’s done, you can go to the find friends section and start inviting people to join your community. Start with existing clients, business employees, and business contacts. If your content is interesting enough, your new friends will like your page and start spreading your brand.

Creating the perfect Facebook page takes great skill, but spending time to get it right will benefit your business.

Six website statistics that can improve your web content

The following statistics are based on research, and bearing them in mind when creating content for your website could mean the difference between having the impact you want, as opposed to the impact you have to settle for: (more…)

Quality is more important than quantity

Many website managers know that regularly adding content is a good strategy for search engine optimisation. Providing too much content can mean that the quality suffers.

If your website is (more…)

How to optimise images

Most businesses value high quality content, but they often see this solely in terms of text. Images are an essential part of high quality web content and they need to be optimised for both your website and social media. (more…)

What is a high quality business website?

Creating great online content for your business is just one component of a high quality website. The list includes some other aspects that you may overlook:

Contact details

A business website should clearly state the full postal address and phone number of the business, as well as listing the main personnel, preferably with photos.

Mission statement

The objectives of the business should be plainly expressed. These are not just about the benefits of products and services, but express the core values of the business, how a business sees its relationship to its customers, and how environmental policies are implemented.


People need to be reassured that they can trust your company, especially if you are selling goods or services online and require credit card information. Many businesses offer money back guarantees and generous return policies to show customers that they are not taking a risk when dealing with your business.

Testimonials from satisfied customers help, especially ones that provides a link to the testimonial author’s website.

Membership of a reputable trade body is a good way to create trust, especially if the body promises to handle any complaints about members.

Website design

After Apple became a world renowned exponent of great design in their operating systems, people expect websites to be well designed also. If your website does not look good, then this will give a negative image of your company.

Apple also created the retina high resolution display. Your images need to be of professional quality, as any substandard images will display badly on high resolution displays.

Loading times

Not everybody enjoys fast internet speeds, so it helps to optimize your website to load quickly, especially the home screen.

It is a complex process to build a high quality website. Done successfully, your website will contribute to your business’s reputation, leading to increased sales.

Four common search engine optimisation mistakes

Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) is complex, and it is common for websites to be a victim to its many pitfalls. Here are four common mistakes to avoid: (more…)

Social media strategies for small businesses

If you are a small business owner, then you may have a limited budget to spend on social media marketing. This is why it is important that your social media strategy is targeted and effective. (more…)

The differences between Google and Bing

The two top search engines are Google and Microsoft’s Bing, with Yahoo in third place. Most search engine optimization strategies will have a similar effect for Google and Bing, but businesses need to be aware of the differences and the (more…)

How to create a social media plan

If your business does not have a social media presence then where do you start? You need a plan. (more…)

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