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Can robots write web content?

Artificial Intelligence software is being used to edit and create content. The results that the software produces are not as good as human writers and editors.

Wikipedia has created software that (more…)

Four reasons why you should increase your content marketing in 2016

Most companies know that original and engaging web content is vital to increase brand awareness. Creating high quality content is not easy. It is important that your content is created by experts such (more…)

Four content marketing trends for 2016

Last year, 2015, saw many changes that affect content marketing strategies. Many of these trends will continue in 2016. The four main ones are: (more…)

Mobile phone content marketing not just about responsive design

Many businesses are aware of the need for responsive websites whose layout adapts to the small mobile phone screen and other mobile devices. What is often overlooked is how content needs to adapt to mobile devices. Here are some important yet often neglected tips (more…)