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Is content marketing better value than advertising on social media?

According to a survey conducted by Moz SEO tools, content marketing on social media sites is a better investment than (more…)

Why retailers need to focus on content marketing

The retail sector is changing at a fast pace, and content marketing strategies need to adapt in tandem.

We all know that Amazon is (more…)

Spotlight on: Content marketing for millennials

Content needs to be created for a particular target audience – and it isn’t alway easy to get content marketing for millennials right, particularly if you’re not in that age bracket yourself.

A millennial is (more…)

Is virtual reality the future of social media?

Virtual reality content has started to make an impression on social media, and looks like it will grow in the future.

In 2016 new virtual reality systems are (more…)

Why web and social media content marketing have different goals

Although web content and social content may overlap, it is important to be clear about the differences between a company website content and social media content. Content created for the web and content for social media have two different (more…)