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Develop your blog into a business generator

Every day there are thousands of business owners out there crafting blogs with the goal of making lots of money.

Today, producing engaging, fresh content is part of  the jigsaw that comes with building a successful business, but don’t believe that a single blog will get you there on its own.

Blogs are certainly important when developing a content strategy, but they will need to be part of a well-thought out content marketing campaign. Here are some important areas to consider when developing your own winning content campaigns:

Getting your content out there

A business blog is integral to your content strategy, but to be effective it is important to distribute content through the social media platforms that appeal to your audiences. For example, you may opt for Twitter for more general topics, Pinterest for arty subjects or LinkedIn for business-to-business markets.

Rather than posting a blog first, identify times when it is appropriate to start dialogue with your audiences on a certain topic. Once you’ve set the conversation in motion, post a blog to keep the interest going.

Use lead magnets

An effective means of acquiring email addresses is to offer ‘lead magnets’ or gifts. Using these ethical bribes encourages readers to share their email addresses, which can then be followed up using carefully conceived email campaigns.

Using valuable content such as whitepapers and guides can help, even when you don’t have a product to sell yet. By developing your email database now, you will have a great platform to start selling from when you do.

Don’t simply invite people to sign up. People have become careful about who they share their email address with and expect something useful and tangible in return. Consider reports on specialist topics, email courses, eBooks, videos or webinars.

Think wider than the simple blog and make efforts to get your content out into the wider arena for business success.

Steven Morris

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