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Disciplining creative genius

Having creative flair is not enough to be a successful content writer. It takes discipline, excellent time management skills and a resourceful nature to  make the grade.

Pull together a writer’s tool kit

In the same way a tradesman’s tool kit is essential for him to do his job well, a writer must get their own collection of support tools together. Choosing the best tools to be productive and SEO friendly will stand you in good stead, and a content calendar should form the foundation of your kit. Take inspiration from world events and find new audiences through Twitter lists.

Stay focused

Take a disciplined approach to writing. It is easy to become overwhelmed if you attempt to tick everything off the list at the same time. Prioritise your tasks and complete each one before you onto the next. If you can’t finish all the tasks yourself, delegate to others or look at outsourcing.

Track your progress

Monitoring your progress using a log will allow you to manage what you have achieved and also highlight content successes. Constantly tracking allows you to tweak your content as you go. If ROI is falling, you can quickly identify issues if you record important metrics. Look at unique visitors, visit duration and the amount of webpages viewed. Also keep an eye on how often your brand name is mentioned in other content and sites and keep a record of the writers for outreach opportunities.

Keep pushing the boundaries

Every writer will reach a plateau at some point. The key to success is to keep pushing on when you hit it. Find posts that have been successful in the past but now receive little attention. Repurpose the content and give it a new lease of life.

Creativity may inspire your content but discipline and focus will ensure it achieves your end goals.

Steven Morris

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