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Don’t be left behind – get social

If you still haven’t joined the ranks of businesses using social media to give their company a voice, there are many persuasive arguments for why you should embrace such marketing to give your content the platform and reach it deserves.

Before you begin, take  time to get to know your desired audience and understand what motivates them to follow you. You can devise a plan that will allow for you to connect effectively with these markets and develop them further. Define your company’s unique selling points (USPs) and, along with your customer knowledge, create a voice for your business that cuts through the social media noise and strongly appeals to your fan base.

Still not convinced? Here are three social media benefits.

Exceeding customer expectations

If a customer is in the process of making a buying decision, they often use Twitter as a channel for asking pre-sales questions. If these questions remain unanswered, your business can quickly look disinterested and uncaring. This makes having a strong visibility on social networks a must.

You can pre-empt these situations by posting content which offers guidance and post-sales support. However, mastering the art of real-time interaction with customers will secure them as brand advocates.

Building a brand through social networks

You can effectively build brand awareness and create a strong identity using social media. Effective use of content will allow you to develop a strong brand personality and provide your company with a voice that resonates with your target market.

Managing your business reputation

Any online marketing strategy must include reputation management and social networks offer a variety of channels through which to do this. With speed and sensitivity, complaints and customer feedback can be managed effectively. Providing real-time feedback will also raise your customer service to new heights. Use this to your advantage by sharing content that celebrates your approach to customer service.  This will in turn shape a positive corporate identity.

Steven Morris

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