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Five top questions to ask your SEO firm

With mobile demand growing, increased transparency called for, and video content increasingly relevant online, at Pressroom we know that getting your message out there is important.

That’s why we feel that working with a search engine optimisation (SEO) firm is likewise increasingly relevant. To help, here are  five top questions to have in mind before you take on your SEO provider.

‘Have your staff worked for a business like mine before?’

This is perhaps the most important question to ask. Effective SEO and digital marketing campaigns for one firm will be quite different for another. A florist will not market like an accountancy practice, for example. As such, having experts or knowledge in the particular field will help.

‘Could I see case studies and references?’

Following on from the above, this secondary query also allows you to see how thorough a firm is in its approach. Positive feedback from clients is also indicative.

‘When will I see results?’

Over enthusiastic firms will always loudly shout about how quickly they can get you to the top of the SERPS. However, this does not mean they are any good.

A sensible path to success should be defined and responsible SEO providers will always manage this effectively. They should also be able to explain the steps they are taking to help you.

‘How are your SEO services priced?’

Approaches to SEO will be different from business to business. However, overpricing should always be looked out for. Comparing prices against what services are being offered and assessing the extent of the work will help ascertain what should be fair price.

‘How is SEO developing?’

While this can be a difficult answer to form on the spot, reputable SEO companies should know what they are doing. As such, although a lot of work is based on educated guesses, facts and figures can be checked, while the authority with which an answer is given will be telling.

Steven Morris

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