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Freshen up your content marketing

Coming up with new ways to revitalise your content marketing is a constant challenge, because you want your target audience to be constantly thrilled and excited by the original content on your site. Here are some great tips to help you make a difference some simple changes:

Small changes for big impact

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel if you want to inject new energy into your content. Updating the name of your blog section can make a big impression on your demographic.

Now is also the time to start an early spring clean. Check back over all the content tasks that you just didn’t have time to complete and get them ticked off. Update any references, for example, or remove ex-employees from the database. Allocating just 15 minutes a day to these jobs will have you feeling slick and organised.

Take baby steps for miraculous change

For bigger, more time consuming jobs, it’s best to chip away to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Break tasks into bite-sized chunks and consistently set time aside to progress the jobs forward.

If you don’t know where to start, carry out a content audit. This will highlight any content that’s out of date, what can be recycled and where the gaps are to be filled. Look at your analytics and assess which content created the most traffic and those that failed to perform. Look at conversion rates also, and develop your content strategy from a well-informed place.

Repurpose what you can

Rather than scrapping the old content completely, take a fresh look and you may find that you can create valuable original content inspired by old ideas. It may be that you take content and repurpose it into a different format, such as an infographic or video. This could create renewed interest or attract a different market.

For little effort, you could make a big impact on your audience.

Steven Morris

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