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Google files interesting new Glass patent

Graeme Parton

Social media users could soon be able to ‘like’ their favourite brands and attractions by making shapes with their hands, if a new patent filed by Google is approved.

According to the application, Google is hoping to allow users of its new Glass product to show their support and appreciation for the things they see in the street by forming a heart shape with their fingers.

A camera attached to the head-mounted device would be able to scan the shape and recognise the wearer’s intention.

The patent, which has been called ‘Hand gestures to signify what is important’, was officially revealed on Wednesday last week. One of the attached diagrams depicts the heart gesture being formed over a painting, with another using a building sign as an example. Google released a statement about the patent, explaining:

“Hand gestures can be used to provide user input to a wearable computing device, and in particular to identify, signify, or otherwise indicate what may be considered or classified as important or worthy of attention or notice.

“A wearable computing device, which could include a head-mounted display (HMD) and a video camera, may recognise known hand gestures and carry out particular actions in response.”

Some experts have suggested that the new technology could be used by Google to build on its Goggles app, which allows users to capture images using a smartphone camera and find relevant information on the subjects online. The program can also be used in shops to find more details and price comparisons.

It isn’t yet known whether the technology will be used solely for Google+ or if it would work with third-party sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. No doubt the developments will have a significant impact on the way people form relationships with the brands they love.

Graeme has experience creating content for online sources and for the radio, and at university he studied Multimedia Journalism.

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