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Google sparks speculation with watch firm acquisition

Graeme Parton

Search giant Google revealed this week that it has taken over WIMM Labs, the Californian firm behind the WIMM One – one of the world’s first ‘smart’ watches.

The move has further fuelled rumours that Google is currently working on its own advanced timepiece.

The WIMM One was released in 2011 and runs on Google’s Android operating system. It is thought the company’s employees are now working under the Android team to develop the new device.

The acquisition was completed in 2012 but a confidentiality agreement was made to ensure Google didn’t fall too far behind its competitors, with Apple also rumoured to be working on a watch of its own and Samsung set to unveil the Galaxy Gear this week.

WIMM Labs’ original device, which, with a 1.4” touchscreen, was even smaller than an iPod Nano, came complete with its own app platform, allowing developers to create programs for users to enjoy. It is not yet known whether Google would look to adapt current software from its Play marketplace for the smaller screens, or if it would launch a dedicated store.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Google itself, the chances of a watch being released are extremely high, with the company already known to be spearheading the new wearable tech trend with the much-hyped Google Glass. The firm’s Android-powered spectacles were unveiled to developers and testers in February of this year, with a consumer release scheduled for 2014.

Here at Pressroom, we’re fascinated to see how tech users are being given so many chances to integrate their devices with their everyday lives. Gone are the days when consumers had to sit at their desks in order to access the internet. Now it’s available everywhere, with very few limitations – yet more reason for businesses to put emphasis on engaging target audience members with useful content.

Graeme has experience creating content for online sources and for the radio, and at university he studied Multimedia Journalism.

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