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Heart disease charity launches family link awareness campaign

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is hoping to raise people’s awareness of a genetic link to heart disease, involving through the use of online content.

This comes as the charity revealed that  as many as 500,000 Brits could have inherited a high risk of developing the disorder.

With 600 people in the UK who are under 35 and in good health suffering a cardiac arrest each year, the drive will run online, on TV and in print. It will explain how the faulty gene can be passed on by about half of the population living with the condition themselves.

It will also target greater investment into scientific research into all genetic flaws related to heart disease.

The BHF’s interim programme director, Nick Radmore, said:

“Our new campaign drives home the message that we urgently need to accelerate research into inherited heart conditions. Pinpointing the genes which cause these conditions can mean the difference between life and death.”

As part of the ‘fight for every heartbeat’ campaign, people are being urged to print off and tailor their own poster. Available through the website, the editable placards can be used for personal messages, funny quotes or any slogans to advertise fund-raising events.

Video content will play a large part in the campaign, with focus being on the story of a baby girl called Zara.

The narrative will follow her mother, Caroline, who has recently been diagnosed with the faulty gene, meaning that there is a 50:50 chance that it will pass to Zara. The video will show Caroline asking people to join the fight by helping the BHF to raise money and invest in research.

The story of Zara and her mother is a real one, with the child being monitored for the condition.

The BHF will hope that the story gets traction on social media channels, which will help to drive up awareness, volunteering and donations in the 18 – 34 demographic.

Steven Morris

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