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How can you write content that people really want to read?

Lianne Wilkinson

There are two main areas where online content is read: on a company website and social media. Before creating content, it is helpful to know what topics people want to read about.

The first thing to do is research trending topics. If there is a range of content ideas, then analyse search engine optimisation (SEO) data and keyword research on each topic. Look at social engagement metrics and visit social media forums to identify popular topics.


SEO analysis is performed through keyword research, which identifies exactly what potential customers are looking for. Research into a competitor’s content is also useful. Is there a topic gap that they are not filling?

Social engagement

There are online tools such as Lumanu that analyse social engagement. Lumanu sifts through specific topics and suggests themes based on high-performing social media content that is associated with the topic.

Lumanu is particularly useful for identifying trending topics on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


There will generally be a forum based on topics related to a business sector. Many forums consist of a member asking a question. Those that attract a high number of relies are probably trending topics.

Content influenced by SEO and social media trends

Many businesses produce content without doing a lot of research. This can be OK, but by taking time to research keywords and social media trends you are able to create content on topics that you know people are searching for.

A business website and social media presence are often the main source of recruiting new customers, which is why content marketing is so important.

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