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Using Pressroom really couldn’t be simpler. At Pressroom HQ, our love of ethical SEO is matched by our commitment to a smooth and transparent experience for our clients – putting you in the driving seat.

Each month, you have a set number of Pressroom Points to spend on your content. Different types of content cost a different number of points; for instance a news article for your industry may be one Pressroom point, a feature article may be 2.5, and an infographic or video start from as little as 10 points.

Points mean prizes

Once we have agreed what level of Pressroom package would be right for you, including the number of Pressroom Points, then we can agree on an editorial brief with you – this will include the tone of voice to suit your business, your target audience and how and where they are best reached, along with a whole host of other key features. When you’re happy with this, you get to choose your content, and this is where the flexibility of Pressroom really shines.

How you spend your Pressroom points is entirely up to you

If you have 20 per month to use, then you may want 10 news articles and four features one month, or five pieces of news, two features and one infographic the next. Of course, we can advise you on the best course to take, but the choice is entirely yours, and if you wish you can change your brief or purchase more Pressroom points whenever you want.

When you’re happy with your mix of content, we will create a ‘Pressroom’ area on your website, and feed it through to you directly.

Is that it?

This is far from the end of the story – after all, what’s the use in having fantastic content if it’s not promoted?

We can take you by the hand and guide you through the minefield that is social media. We can create and maintain profiles for your business on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and use these to promote your shiny new content. All of this is linked back to your site, and – if you wish – we can interact with your followers, answering questions and monitoring their activity. All the followers we attract are yours to keep, and can be used to build a great hub around your brand.

At Pressroom, we’re not in the business of ‘one-size-fits-all’ content and SEO. Everything we do is tailored specifically to you. We can work alongside your existing SEO company, we can offer our SEO services, or Pressroom is ideal as a standalone service too. Our bespoke approach is reflected in the monthly reports you receive – not only do they include detailed metrics on your website’s performance but they also feature our recommendations on what needs to be done to keep pushing your online presence ahead.

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