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How social media marketing deals with challenges

John Murray

All businesses face challenges from time to time, and social media is a tool to deal with them. You need a content marketing strategy for both your own website and your social media that resolves these problems.

Common hurdles faced by businesses include:

  • Fewer people visiting your website
  • Customer loyalty not high
  • The reputation of your business brand has dipped

Here are some ways that your content marketing campaign can overcome these challenges:

Website traffic

To increases visitors to your website, your social media content should focus on links to it. These links can be shared by your followers, but only so long as they go to useful content rather than sales pages. If people can see your website features useful information, FAQs, insightful pieces and resources, then they will be likely to visit and share your links with their friends.

Low customer loyalty

If customer loyalty is low then this will negatively impact repeat sales and customer recommendations. Social media content needs to educate, respond to issues and be seen as something that helps people.

If a customer posts a negative comment, then this should be responded to as quickly as possible. One way of dealing with it is to direct message the customer and deal with their concern privately. Some social media users like to blow of steam, but if they can see that you’re genuinely willing to help them, they will be more understanding, especially without an audience.

Low brand awareness

Social media is the ideal platform to raise brand awareness. If the majority of your content is promotional, then this could have a negative effect as people are aware that they’re being ‘sold to’. You should show you’re brand’s worth by engaging customers, resolving problems and giving them the content that they want. This could be question and answer sessions, expert advice and opinion, or even user guides.

When your business faces challenges, you can harness the power of social media to address them.



John is every inch the wordsmith and loves a game of Scrabble above all else. With experience writing for newspapers, John’s time at university was spent studying Creative Writing – something which comes across in his love of the pun.

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