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How the use of language can help your website

The language you use on your website can significantly affect the rate at which visitors are converted to customers.

Here is a brief guide to some of the ways that language styles can persuade visitors to take action:

The first person

People respond to the first person better than the third person. This means that the phrase “download my free eBook” works better than “download your free eBook.” Similarly, “start my free trial” works better than “start your free trial.” Simply using the word “my” can dramatically increases the number of web site visitors that take action.

Active words

Visitors are motivated to take action if you use active words such as “get”, “start” or “download”. Non action words like “seem”, “have” “own” or “like” indicate states and do not promote actions.


Visitors respond to words that create a sense of urgency. One of the most powerful urgency words is “now”. If you combine the word now with the first person then statements can be doubly powerful. For example:

“Start my free trial now”
“Download my free eBook now.”

Other words and phrases than indicate urgency include:

Limited time
One day only
Offer expires


Words that indicate ease can be used to overcome reluctance to take action.
Examples are:

No problem


Quality website copy stresses the benefits for people using a business’s products or services. Benefits target the customer’s needs and match their requirements to your products or services.

Words and phrases that indicate benefits include:
Saves money
Saves time
Easy to use

The style of language in your web content is a crucial factor for website success.

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Tom Evans

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