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How to improve website content

Most businesses know that their website should contain lots of content, but many businesses overlook the essential fact that all content should be quality content.

A website with many pages of poor quality content does not reflect well on your business and will alienate your visitors.

Here are three key things to consider:

Know your audience

You need to know who your target customers are and then write content that connects with them. What you have to take into account is, writing a well-researched article on a topic that you are an expert in, but which your audience cannot relate to, will not have value.

Know your goals

You should know the goals of your content. This means asking yourself relevant questions:

• Do you want to be seen as an authority or leader in your field?
• Do you want to address reader’s concerns?
• Do you simply want to drive traffic to your website by using popular keywords?
• Do you want your content to sell a product or service?

Your content needs to fulfil one or more of these objectives, but be careful that you don’t write content with conflicting goals. For example content that drives traffic to your site, should not also contain lots of sales copy.

Tweak and test

It is important to track how your website is doing. Ideally, you should have a split test system that shows slightly different content to half of your readers. Each page that you use should have either an opt in form or a link to a sales page so that you can measure the effectiveness of the content.

You can then tweak and change page elements to see its effect. For example, changing the wording of a heading can significantly affect the outcome.

These are just three factors you should consider in order to create high quality content.


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