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“How’s your father?” – Some social media engagement tips

Not all of us feel sociable all of the time – and that’s probably a good thing. Great works of art and scientific inventions, for instance, demand a more reclusive side. However, when it comes to promoting your brand you will need to bring out your party face.

Here then are some quick tips on kick-starting social media conversations, and engaging with your target audience:

– Be a fellow-participant, not a distanced salesperson

Communicate with your readers in a human, down-to-earth fashion. Going in heavy with pushy selling techniques is likely to backfire. It’s possible, of course, to promote your brand within this context, but in a conversational way. If your company sells lightsaber toys you might want to keep people up to date with developments on the forthcoming J J Abrams Star Wars movie, for instance, slipping in the occasional mention of light sabres as you go.

– Ask questions

A non-patronising, thought-provoking question can help members feel involved with your brand whilst also provoking discussion, which can in turn attract new followers or fans. The question doesn’t even have to be a debate starter, it can be plain chatty. On December 24th last year, the Facebook Fan Page of popular singer Rebecca Ferguson, simply posted “Is everybody ready for Christmas?” along with a picture of the star herself in a striking yellow dress and Santa hat. The question, doubtless because it was straightforward, direct, and inclusive, attracted 3,782 likes.

– And finally… Humour

Humour is a great leveller and puts everyone at their ease. Quirky, witty posts, even if they only tangentially relate to your brand, should be naturally interspersed with the more meaty stuff. However, it’s advisable to stick to one of the golden rules of comedy. Post what makes you laugh, not what you think will make other people laugh.

Steven Morris

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